Jacob Sheep

Why Jacob Sheep

Jacob sheep have improved greatly over the years and now have the ability to be a viable commercial prospect, they are good mothers and experience few lambing difficulties. When crossed to a terminal sire they produce good strong, quick growing lambs. The fleece of the Jacob is always in demand with spinners with their naturally coloured fleece and we are trying to put emphasis on improving the quality of the fleece within our flock. Jacob’s are highly renowned for producing a tasty high quality meat. Individuality within a flock is something which we find particularly appealing; being able to look across the field and know each individual sheep is something which you would find in very few other breeds. As an exhibition breed we think they are perfect, there is an excellent friendly society both nationally and regionally which is well supported and brings friendly but competitive competition which only aids the development of the breed. There are so many factors to consider when breeding Jacob’s to the required breed standards which is what we find is such a challenge.