Show Results

Poultry 2011

Kingsbridge Fur and Feather

  • Best Silkie - White Silkie bantam Pullet
  • Best Orpington - Buff orpington Pullet

Rattery Main Show

  • Best Soft Feather bantam and best Silkie - White Silkie Pullet

Best Orpington - Buff Orpington Pullet

Best Rhode Island Red (RIR Regional show) - Rhode Island Single comb bantam pullet

Devon Fanciers Main Show

Best Soft Feather Bantam Heavy - Black Orpington Bantam Cockeral

Best Silkie -  White Silkie Bantam Pullet

Best Buff Orpington Female (Buff Orpington regional Club Show) - Buff Orpington Pullet