Stock Rams

Current Stock Ram

Hyndshaw Minstrel     D.O.B 12/03/2012

In the Autumn of 2012 we attended the Jacob sheep Society show and sale at Worcester and purchased a ram lamb from the  Hyndshaw flock, Hyndshaw Minstrel we are looking forward to our first 'Minstrel'  lambs in 2013.

Sparnham Darwin - DOB 15/01/2013

Previous stock Ram

Loynton Cecil

We purchased Loynton Cecil in 2009 and he sired his first progeny in 2010. We were delighted with the lambs and achieved some success showing a ram lamb at Totnes show 2010 obtaining a 3rd place in a class of nine entrants. The same ram lamb has since been shown as a shearling ram in 2011, obtaining a 3rd place rosette at the Mid Devon show.  He has produced a number of nice lambs which  we have retained within our flock and hope will provide the base of our flock for many years to come.