Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys  


The Miniature Mediterranean Donkey is a unique and entirely separate breed of donkey. Their height generally averages between 30" and 34", and the maximum to be accepted into the association general register is 36". Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys are not bred down standard donkeys, nor are they bred from any type of dwarf donkey.

Our donkeys

We first became aware of miniature mediterranean donkeys in 2007 and after a visit to the Lazy Jack stud in Dorset we knew that they were right for us.  They are exceptionally calm and have a fantastic temperment and really are a joy to own.  we currently have a small stud of 4 Miniature mediterranean Donkeys, 3 Jennies: Grace, Penny and Rose and a herdsire: Woody.


Gradwell Amazing Grace

Date of Birth: 15th June 2007

Colour: Grey Dun

Gradwell Camilla Rose

Date of Birth: 31st August 2008

Colour: Dark Dun

Gradwell Penny Black

Date of Birth: 2nd May 2008

Colour: Black/Brown

Picture to be added Soon!

Herd Sire

Hollygreen  Fair Oak lad - Affectionately known as 'Woody'

Date of Birth: 5th October 2008

Colour: Skewbald